Sen. Lesniak wants special Bridge-Gate prosecutor for Christie

Democratic state Sen. Ray Lesniak wants to pursue a criminal investigation into Gov. Chris Christie’s connection to Bridge-Gate.

Lesniak says the governor has “cracked” under pressure and now needs to take a break.

But Gov. Christie is fed up with the Bridge-Gate talk and sounded off on the senator.

“Lesniak is a quack, a crazy quack. Ask anyone in the State House – he’s a lunatic,” said Christie.

The bill to appoint a special prosecutor has been signed off on by one Republican senator as well.

The governor has repeatedly said he knew nothing about Bridge-Gate, but Lesniak says the trial testimony showed otherwise.

The governor is also facing a misconduct complaint out of Bergen County after multiple witnesses said he knew about the lane realignment.

The special prosecutor would take the place of the attorney general and county prosecutor, who have to take themselves off the complaint due to conflicts of interest.

Lesniak says Senate leaders are concerned about angering the governor by moving on the bill.

Ultimately if it passes, the governor would have to decide whether to appoint the prosecutor on himself or veto it.

“We have touched a nerve a raw nerve that he would have to make a decision and veto something the public wants,” says Lesniak.

Christie is scheduled to appear in court on his misconduct complaint on Jan. 11.