The Issues

Senator Raymond Lesniak believes that politics as usual in New Jersey has to end to get the state out of its financial deficits, to make the state more affordable, and to attract businesses to locate in New Jersey, invest in New Jersey and create jobs in New Jersey.

The Senator believes government spending has to be more efficient and that the state should build on and promote its national and international leadership on the environment, research and development, education, and social justice to attract investment and create jobs.

Learn more about the issues Lesniak for Governor fights for below:

Animal Protection
Criminal Justice Reform
Cutting Waste in Government Spending
Environmental Protection
Higher Education
Housing That’s Affordable
Income Inequality
LGBT Rights
Making New Jersey Affordable
NJGROW Healthy Based On More Renewable Energy & Less Fossil Fuels
One New Jersey. One America.
Public Education
Public Employee Pension & Healthcare Benefits
Reduce Property Taxes
We Are All Dreamers
Women’s Rights