Environmental Protection

I have sponsored the most progressive environmental protection laws in the nation. New Jersey needs as governor someone who will continue the fight to protect our environment.

Overturn ExxonMobil Settlement

Oral argument will soon be scheduled on my appeal of Governor Christie’s giveaway to ExxonMobil. I sued Exxon and the NJ petrochemical industry and won in Lesniak v. United States to make them pay my surcharge to cleanup abandoned hazardous waste sites. This surcharge and my sponsorship of ECRA cleaned up tens of thousands of contaminated sites and saved New Jersey from an environmental disaster.

Eliminate threats to our Drinking Water Safety

Governor Christie has ignored 12 testing recommendations of hazardous contaminants by the Drinking Water Quality Institute established under my Safe Drinking Water Act. I have sponsored S2468 to adopt those recommendations despite Governor Christie’s objections.

Get The Lead Out

Priority funding must be appropriated to remove lead lined pipes in school districts and lead paint in public housing.

Stop the Pipelines

Three proposed natural gas pipelines, Penn East, South Jersey Gas and Pilgrim Oil present serious environmental hazards and little if any benefit to New Jersey residents.

Penn East: Threatens drinking water from the Highlands to the Pinelands. NJDEP should exercise its authority under the Clean Water Act since the route does not avoid wetlands.

South Jersey Gas: Through the fragile Pinelands which hold 17 trillion gallons of pure water, this proposal violates the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan and should be rejected.

Pilgrim Oil: Should be rejected because it’s of no benefit to NJ and threatens endangered species, wetlands and critical habits.

Get Back Into RGGI

Christie withdrew New Jersey from this 10 state compact to trap and reduce CO2 emissions hurting our air quality and costing more than $100 million of revenue from the sale of emission allowances to promote clean energy initiatives.

Support President Obama’s Clean Power Initiative

Unlike Governor Christie’s Attorney General, New Jersey will not challenge President Obama’s Clean Power Initiative to reduce CO2 emissions and curb climate change. As a coastal state, New Jersey is on the front line of a disaster from unabated global warming.

Clean Trucks

The No. 1 contributor to New Jersey CO2 emissions is transportation and old diesel trucks are a large part of the problem. My legislation, S2507, will get these dirty trucks, which are particularly troublesome in neighborhoods leading to ports in Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City and Bayonne, off the road.

Water & Sewer Infrastructure

A ticking time bomb that threatens the health, safety and quality of life of residents in communities throughout the state, a multi-billion dollar bond initiative must be passed before the threat of sewer overflow and contaminated water becomes a reality.