LGBT Rights

“Senator Raymond Lesniak is as fearless and successful a champion of social justice as any other state legislator in the country. Millions of people owe their better lives to Raymond’s passion for equality and justice that he exudes every day of his career. And the thousands who know him personally owe our better lives to his massive heart that he shows us every day of his life. If you have faced hardship because our society unfairly discriminates against who you are, Raymond Lesniak fights on your behalf – and wins – like Muhammad Ali at his prime.”

Steven Goldstein, Founder & Former Chair of
Garden State Equality

Marriage Equality

I am the proud prime co-sponsor of Marriage Equality and was not deterred when it only received 13 of 24 Democratic votes! I co-authored a book with Senator Weinberg, The Case for Same Sex Marriage and hosted the first same sex marriage in my Elizabeth home for Marsha Shapiro and Louise Whalpin.

Lead the fight that stopped Anti-LGBT Ocean County Freeholder Jack Kelly, who tried to deny Ocean County Police Lieutenant Laurel Hester’s dying wish to leave her pension benefits to her domestic partner Stacie Andree, from getting a plush pension padding $120,000/year patronage position on the New Jersey Parole Board.

I was the Senate sponsor of New Jersey’s ban on the abusive “conversion therapy”.

“Senator Ray Lesniak has taken a leadership position in New Jersey as a Champion of LGBT rights and Equality. From his proactive role in adding transgender people to the bias crimes statute, to making a stronger more effective anti-bullying bill for all, to his unyielding efforts in getting a majority vote for marriage equality for all LGBT people in the legislature, he has stood tall!”

Barbra CasbarSiperstein, Director
GRAANJ (Gender Rights Advocacy Association of NJ)

I am advocating legislation to:

  • Aggressively fight any federal and state rollbacks of LGBT rights.
  • Ban state paid travel to any state that violates LGBT rights.
  • Support services for gay and transgender boys and girls and men and women.