NJGROW Healthy Based On More Renewable Energy & Less Fossil Fuels

New Jersey has the 10th highest energy costs in the nation and is the 16th highest emitter of carbon. Our reliance on fossil fuels is 98.2% costing every homeowner an average of $3000 a year which will continue to grow as fossil fuel plants age and require more investment.

NJ’s cost of energy, health care costs from pollution, maintaining a distribution system often disrupted and needing increased expense from storm damage will continue to increase.

Here’s my solution to make NJ Fossil Fuel Free by 2050:

  • Stop The Pinelands, PennEast and Pilgrim Pipelines. Not only will they threaten to contaminate our water supply and disrupt pristine private and public lands, they will commit New Jersey to a future of reliance on fossil fuels and consume $billions of investment that should go to solar, wind and energy efficiency.
  • Create jobs: Engineers, technology developers, solar and wind construction jobs and maintenance and energy efficiency installers.
  • Air Quality and Health: Replacing aging fossil fuel plants with clean solar and wind and lowering demand with energy efficiency will enhance our quality of life and improve productivity with lower sick days and time off from work.
  • Invest in Mass Transit and Require Clean Cars and Clean Trucks: Governor Christie has taken funds away from mass transit. Cars and Trucks produce 41% of greenhouse gases in NJ. We should:
    1. Prioritize Transportation Funds on mass transit projects.
    2. Adopt California Low Emissions Vehicle Standards for cars and trucks.
    3. Revise NJ’s Energy Master Plan to promote renewable energy. Governor Christie revised it to promote natural gas usage.
    4. Rejoin RGGI the multi-state compact that climate change denier Governor Christie pulled out of costing NJ nearly $200 mil. in cap and trade funds for investment in energy efficiency and increasing fossil fuel emissions.

Germany, one of the world’s most productive economies, has already achieved fossil fuel freedom.
New Jersey can lead America in the right direction.