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New Jersey needs a proven leader who has spent his entire career being a champion for the voiceless and for the neglected needs of the residents of our state. As Steven Goldstein, Founder of Garden State Equality stated:

“Senator Raymond Lesniak is as fearless and successful a champion of social justice as any other state legislator in the country. Millions of people owe their better lives to Raymond’s passion for equality and justice that he exudes every day of his career. And the thousands who know him personally owe our better lives to his massive heart that he shows us every day of his life. If you have faced hardship because our society unfairly discriminates against who you are, Raymond Lesniak fights on your behalf – and wins.”

We are relying on people power. New Jersey’s next Governor needs to be decided by you, the residents of New Jersey, and not dictated by the influence of tens of millions of dollars of campaign spending.

Lesniak for Governor needs people like you to help it succeed.

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